I am an aspiring writer eversince. When I was in elementary, I used to write love stories which my classmates would enjoy reading during our breaks. My passion didn’t diminish even when I was already in high school. I wrote more stories and my readers grew. In college, I started writing a book. I was planning to submit that piece to a local publisher. But sadly, the book never got finished. College life became tough that I can hardly find time to write. I was already on my last few chapters when I needed to stop because a I had to prioritize my thesis and other school stuff.  

When I finished college, I thought I finally had the time to pursue my passion in writing. But sadly, I was wrong. Life became tougher and serious. I needed to find a stable job and what I found was a very demanding one. So I had to set aside writing once again.
And then a couple of weeks ago while I was busy thinking about my current job and my life in general, I remembered there was a passion in me that has been forgotten for the longest time. I suddenly felt excited in the idea of writing again after so many years.
So here I am now, trying my best to start over. My content on this blog would be mostly about my personal experiences and thoughts about love. I am not an expert on the subject, however I believe I have enough interesting learnings and take aways from my life’s journey that I can share with you all. I have quite a list of things to share and I can’t wait to write them all.
I am still learning the basics of this thing called blogging but I have high hopes that my old passion will be my happiness once again.


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