Daily Prompts

My Superhero

I was lucky that I had my own personal superhero during my childhood years. He was not batman, superman or ironman. He was stronger than any of them, even combined. He was my grandfather and I called him daddy.

Everytime we hear him calling us “Daday!”, my sister and I would automatically rush to their house leaving everything behind. Either he called because he brought some food for us to share, or he wanted us to buy something for snacks. Sometimes, he would fry some ripe bananas because he knew we love eating banana que. 

As a child, I did things that would made my parents mad, that sometimes I got slightly beaten. But when daddy would hear me crying, he would come rushing to our house. He would scold my mother for making me cry. There were even times when he would accidentally be beaten because he would get in the way to pick me up. He loved me and my sister so much and would do anything to protect us.

I remember there was a time that I was accidentally locked in my room and my forefinger was stucked in the door knob. I was crying a lot while my father was unscrewing the lock. Daddy was so worried about me crying alone in the room and what he did was, he climbed the wall into my room and he comforted me and told me that everything will be alright.

My childhood was the best because daddy was there. He was our savior and our santa claus. Even while growing up, he was still our daddy and he would still treat us like kids. When we lost him, I felt like a big part of my life was gone. 

Thank you daddy for my great childhood memories. You will always be in my mind and my heart. You will never be forgotten. 


A response to Dailypost’ prompt-  ‘Childhood’ 


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