My Journeys

Young Love

There was this guy in high school that I liked. He was not the tall, dark and handsome type, but nevertheless he was not bad-looking either. As a matter of fact, a lot of girls in school liked him. Even the teachers loved him because of his good personality. He was good in class and an athlete who brought a lot of medals and trophies to our school. He was my classmate, and later on became one of my few selected male friends.

We became super close that we would talk everyday before and after our classes. He showed concern for me and would always help me on our exams. The more we got closer, the more I fall for him. The more I fall, the more I got scared on what our classmates would say. You cannot blame me. I was young, immature and naive in almost everything. It didn’t take much longer and our classmates started to notice our special bond. Teasing followed and a lot of awkward moments that made me decide to stay away from him. He tried many times to reach out but the more he tried, the more I pulled back. It was hard, ofcourse, because I was used to having him around. But the teasing needed to stop and it was the only way.

Months passed and he became used to not spending time with me the way we used to. I became sad. Even sadder when I learned that one of our classmates liked him too. The girl was not afraid to show her feelings. They became close friends as days go on. Much closer when our class officer decided to pair them up in a dance presentation for our prom. It was heart-breaking seeing them so close together in a romantic dance. I missed him. But I couldn’t let him know.

Then our prom night came. We were on the same table together with some of our closest friends. We were having a small talk when he suddenly said “dance with him”, pointing to one of our friends. I didn’t know how to react on that moment because my heart was silently wishing he would ask me instead. But he didn’t. The night went on and the last thing I remembered was when I saw them seated together, holding both hands, with the girl slightly bending her head over his shoulders. My bestfriend beside me said “It’s confirmed. They’re officially together.” And there goes my tears. I was crying my heart out when he suddenly looked back and saw me straight to the eyes. He saw me crying. Then everything was a blur.

I didn’t want to go to school the next morning. I didn’t want to see them. But what would I tell my parents if I would not attend my classes? So I ended up going to school with a heavy heart. It was the worst day of my life. The most painful, because my young heart was broken. And there’s nothing I can do about it but to accept. Everything happened because I made a choice. A choice I needed not to regret.


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