My Theories

Defining Love

Love has always been an interesting topic for me. I remember, it was the topic I picked for my powepoint presentation project in my computer lab class during my freshmen year in high school. They said love is a universal languange that everyone understands, and so I thought it would be a very easy topic. But later on, as I started collecting resources from the books and magazines in the library, to the different articles posted in the internet, I came to realize that ‘Love’ was a bad idea. In every reference materials, there were different contexts of love. Each of it defind love differently that I could not put them into one single paragraph. It was frustrating. I needed to fit a truthful definition in one single slide of my presentation, but how can I do it when I could not pick which reference to use? Each of it were as good as the others.
Then I realized that my presentation would not be as good as I thought, because I was still young and have not experienced the love I was trying to define. The only definitions I knew before reading those materials were ‘love is blind’ and ‘love knows no boundary’ which I usually wrote on my classmates’ slambook. I even didn’t know what those lines really mean.

Ten years later, I already have my fair share of experiencing love. I have loved and have been loved. Buf if you would ask me again to define it, I still couldn’t put it into one single paragraph. Because love is something that I feel on a daily basis and it makes me feel differently each day. I cannot define love, because love defines me.


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